The language of flowers


Did you know that flowers also have their own language? Almost any feeling can be expressed with a flower. Giving and receiving a beautiful bouquet is always a joyful experience. But have you ever wondered what is the story and meaning behind these flowers? Well, we are here to teach you all about the wonders of modern floriography and what are the best flowers to choose for those special moments.


Floriography is the language of flowers. Each flower has different meanings, often based on type, color, or both. And florography is the art of communicating through different flowers.


The language of flowers has been recognized for centuries in many countries in Europe and Asia. The mythologies, folklore, sonnets and plays of the ancient Greeks, Romans, Egyptians and Chinese are peppered with flower and plant symbolism – and for good reason.

Whether you’re giving flowers for Mother’s Day, a friend for her birthday, or a loved one for Valentine’s Day, almost any emotion imaginable can be expressed with flowers. The color orange, for example, means chastity, purity and beauty, while the red rose means “I love you”.

What does the color of the flowers mean?

Each color has its own meaning, which makes it extra special. So if you’re sending someone a bouquet and want to express how you feel, read on to find out what colors you should include.

Red flowers

Red flowers are one of the most popular colors for gift giving. With the meaning of passion, love and affection, these should definitely always be included when sending a bouquet to someone you love very much. Red flowers are also used as a symbol of courage, respect and desire.

Pink flowers

Pink flowers have very different meanings in different cultures. Usually, however, they represent grace, joy and innocence. In Thailand, pink flowers are a symbol of trust, in China they symbolize luck, and in Japan they symbolize good health. But in Western cultures, pink flowers are used to represent femininity and playfulness. They are a wonderful color to send to friends or people you have romantic interests in.

Yellow flowers

If you want to cheer up a friend, then a large bouquet of yellow flowers is the way to go! You just can’t help but smile when you see bold, yellow flowers. And meaning joy and carefree, happiness and friendship, it’s no wonder why! Yellow flowers are a fantastic way to brighten up any home.

White flowers

Simple yet beautiful, white flowers have meanings of purity, humility and innocence and are perfect for wedding greetings and also for a mother who has recently given birth to a baby. But be careful when sending white flowers to people in Asian countries, as there they symbolize death and mourning, so giving them as a gift for an Asian wedding will not be well received!

Birth month flowers and their meaning

Did you know that there are special flowers for people born in every month of the year? It certainly makes buying a birthday present easier!

January – For people born in the first month of the year, suitable flowers are carnation and snowdrop, which carry the meaning of devotion, loyalty and love.

February – Flowers suitable for those born in February are the beautiful purple violet and primrose, which symbolize faithfulness, humility and spiritual wisdom.

March – For everyone born in March are daffodils and jonquils. They symbolize rebirth, luck, vanity and prosperity.

April – For people born in April, the sweet pea and daisy are suitable, symbolizing innocence, loyalty and transformation.

May – Lily of the valley and hawthorn are for May birthdays. These flowers mean humility, sweetness, happiness and tenderness.

June – Rose and honeysuckle, this is the most suitable choice for those born in  June. These flowers stand for beauty, love, honor and devotion.

July – The delphinium and water lily, which carry the meaning of an open heart, positivity, dignity and grace, are best suited for those born in July.

August – For those born in the warmest month of the year, suitable choices would be gladiolus and poppies, which usually symbolize strength of character, honesty, generosity and moral integrity.

September – September-born would most enjoy aster and morning glory, which have meanings of love, wisdom, faith and innocence.

October – For those born in the month of October are the bright marigold and the cosmos, which symbolizes persistence and determination.

November– The flower for people born in November is the chrysanthemum, which represents friendship, honesty and happiness and is the only month with a birth flower.

December – December flowers are holly and daffodil, which have meanings of luck, peace and joy.

Can you already choose a flower suitable for the next occasion? We think you’re ready to make your choice. Take a look at our other articles with tips related to growing flowers, so you can give the right flower as a gift and give it a long life.