Christmas for flowers


Among all the holidays throughout the year, Christmas always takes the top positions, as one of the most recognizable. Preparations start already in November, people decorate their homes and offices, go shopping for gifts and hum “Jingle Bells”.

Often, however, in all the euphoria, we forget that we can bring extra warmth and coziness to our home simply by adding a flower to it. The difference is felt from the door and does not require much effort in the arrangement.

Remember that also if you don’t know what gift to buy, flowers are always a good choice, they bring emotion and isn’t that exactly what you want to give.

We have selected some roses and recommendations for you on Christmas Eve

You probably often say to yourself: Winter is not a suitable season for flowers, that’s why I don’t give gifts. Note that our flowers come from the land of eternal sun (Ecuador), they are carefully selected and given special attention so you can find the difference in quality. Christmas is a great occasion to show someone you care, and why not with a flower.


As a candle on the table, this gorgeous rose will bring warmth and coziness to the home. She shows care and tenderness. Candlelight is a fantastic cream rose, of extremely high quality. It will be a wonderful gesture to the person you want to serve it to, and also a gentle addition to the Christmas table.


Take care of your flower by “feeding” it well so that it can keep its beauty and tenderness for longer. We would recommend adding a Chrysal Supreme Rosa sachet to this rose to help it last up to 60% longer.


Explorer roses are a great way to say “I love you” to someone dear to you. The beautiful and bright petals of this rose would be a great accent to your holiday decoration and also a very beautiful and kind gesture.

To develop the color in the best way, you can try adding Chrysal Better bloom. Flowers and buds open more beautifully, mixes easily and clearly in water and is odorless, provides all necessary ingredients for full development of buds and flowers.

Polar Star

Still, someone has to guide Santa on the way to all the children. This is definitely Polar Star, a stunning and bright white opulence that you could definitely shine with too.

If you decide to give or present this beautiful flower to yourself and you want it to develop in the best possible way, to last longer in your home, you can add Chrysal Paper sachet to its water and this will immensely contribute to the positive result.


Something interesting and unconventional. There is no person who is not impressed by Wasabi, a magnificent green rose that can easily steal the attention of all guests to itself. If you decide to be creative with the gifts, this green temptation will definitely collect the most points.

Whichever flower you choose for the holidays, we have some tips for you on our blog: Flower Care. There you will find answers to many of your questions, you will get some tips to extend the life of your flowers and thus be able to take proper care of them.

You are ready for Christmas!