Color Summer: Color Trends for 2022


Color Summer: Color Trends for 2022


Have you noticed the fashion this year? It seems we’re all craving a little color!

The global pandemic, long hours spent indoors and two years of social distancing have had a big impact on our mood. We are tired of grayness and routine.

It’s been a while since we bought special occasion clothing. We also lost the holidays and all the colors associated with them. In 2022, as we welcome sunnier days back into our lives, we are ready to re-open our hearts to the color palette of 2022.

First, the color institute Pantone created “Very Peri”, a unique and captivating combination of cool blues and warm reds to inspire ingenuity, imagination and creativity. The beautiful shade helps us embrace the changed landscape of possibilities, prompting us to be bold and embrace change.

The fashion world is also taking a big step forward, with the Spring/Summer 2022 collections exploding with vibrant hues – hot fuchsia pink, royal blue fading into periwinkle, kelly green and sun-burnt yellow. Now that’s a bright palette!



Another area conquered by new colors is also interior design. The industry did not remain in the background and began the application of brighter colors in the space. Co-working spaces have been particularly on the spot, where being bold is respected and even attracts.

It wasn’t long before floral designers joined the global movement towards a play of colors full of vibrant possibilities. The feeling of optimism is especially present in the colors and textures of floral design this summer.

So, it’s no surprise that we’re seeing brighter and bolder floral choices when it comes to arrangements, installations and decor. But even the choice of individual bouquets reflects this summer’s color trends. Let’s take a closer look at the trends we’re seeing.

Trend 1: Summer Citrus

After feeling mostly tired, the world needed a boost of energy! And what better color than orange to help us recharge our mental batteries? Or let’s say, a little vitamin C for our colorful energy.

We’re seeing an endless array of citrus tones in this summer’s floral trends, from rich oranges, deep corals, tangy yellows, sharp limes and opulent golds. Balanced by neutral tones, these bright and energetic shades have a magnetic effect on our moods and spirit.

Want to really brighten someone’s day?

Surprise them with a bouquet in a palette of citrus colors!

Trend 2: Contrast

Orange and blue, pink and green, red and purple – these are just a few of the contrasting combinations that are causing a sensation this summer. We see these “clash” shades done artfully everywhere, from summer events and weddings to bouquets.

Florists push the limits by masterfully layering bright hues and textures to create curiosity and desire for the eyes.

So the next time you can’t choose between two opposite colors on the color wheel, don’t settle for one or the other. Figure out a way to make them work together!

Trend 3: Epic landscapes

Is there such a thing as too much color? Not this summer!

The minimalist design trend is taking a turn towards the smart and creative use of color to enhance simple design elements. Less is more with color!

Gypsophila is a perfect floral choice for this imaginative trend. Easy to use, it adds lots of texture and volume to any installation or arrangement and offers a wide range of color options and combinations.

For flawless transitions and a balanced look, use neutrals like soft ivory, walnut shades and buttercreams as a more affordable alternative to stark whites.



Trend 4: Color enthusiasm

Mixing the calm of blue with the excitement of red, inspired by ‘Very Peri’, lavender, mauve and violet hues exploded in popularity.

This unique influence of cool and warm shades translates beautifully into floral creations, so we decided to describe it as “Color Enthusiasm”.

The resulting designs are a real journey for the senses – they create a lot of emotion because of the sudden change.


Trend 5: Follow the Rainbow

Why choose just one color when you can have them all!

Rainbow florals are an explosive trend this summer, mixing the brightest trends and taking design with color to new heights.

And if it wasn’t already one of the most vibrant summers, the Rainbow trend removes any remaining boundaries around color, floral types and textures and gives arrangers complete freedom to create as their hearts desire.

The message is very clear this summer and maybe even the rest of the year – don’t run away from colors! Embrace the bright hues and sunny days and let your creativity run wild.


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