Revealing the captivating floral trends for the 2023 wedding season

As the enchanting 2023 wedding season approaches, couples and florists are eagerly preparing for breathtaking celebrations that reflect the latest floral trends. From captivating color blocks to gorgeous installations, the wedding flowerscape is set to dazzle and inspire. We’re excited to reveal the top five floral trends that will grace weddings with elegance and beauty […]

The language of flowers

Did you know that flowers also have their own language? Almost any feeling can be expressed with a flower. Giving and receiving a beautiful bouquet is always a joyful experience. But have you ever wondered what is the story and meaning behind these flowers? Well, we are here to teach you all about the wonders […]

Celebration in color

And flowers have their own day. One of the most colorful and bright Christian holidays is coming, namely Palm Sunday. This ‘moving’ holiday, apart from being one of the most important religious holidays in Bulgaria, actually gives us an occasion to celebrate all the people bearing names of flowers. Mentioning flowers, every person immediately begins […]

The flower called Woman

  Every year on March 8, people around the world celebrate the women in their lives by marking International Women’s Day. It is a day to recognize the economic, political and social achievements of women. In addition to investing in women-owned businesses, providing resources to organizations that support women, many people also follow the tradition […]

Love is the name of Rose

Love is a rose! Why is the rose the personification of love and what makes it the most suitable gift for Valentine’s Day? The universal truth is that roses mean love! Stunning flowers embody feelings of passion, romance and love in their raw essence. From the pages of literary classics to Hollywood films, popular poets, […]

Christmas for flowers

Among all the holidays throughout the year, Christmas always takes the top positions, as one of the most recognizable. Preparations start already in November, people decorate their homes and offices, go shopping for gifts and hum “Jingle Bells”. Often, however, in all the euphoria, we forget that we can bring extra warmth and coziness to […]

Flower care: Various issues

In the previous few articles, we have covered various topics that raise a lot of questions from customers: Care for cut flowers Part 1 and Part 2 Flowers in vases and water in vases Food for cut flowers Cut flowers – stem and leaves In this material, we will cover questions of a general nature […]

Flower care: Cut flowers – stem and leaves

Do you want to take better care of an already plucked flower? You have come to the right article. Here we will answer all your questions related to the basic care of an already cut flower. Why is it necessary to trim the stems? There are 3 main reasons for stem pruning: After the flower […]

Flower care: Food for cut flowers

That’s right, flowers eat too. They, like any living creature, need their food in order to have a longer and quality life. Why do flowers need food? Once cut, the flowers are restricted in their access to water, nutrients and growth hormones. A good flower food should contain pH regulators and a water and nutrient […]

Flower Care: Flowers in vases and water in vases

  “Flower care” we take a very responsible approach to the questions that are often asked about plants and their basic care. We try to cover all aspects of growing plants. Vases and water in vases are very important topics. What size should the vase be? The vase should correspond to the size of the […]

Flower Care: Cut Flower (Part 2)

We continue to answer questions about caring for your plants. You can see Flower Care: Cut Flower (Part 1) where we lay the groundwork and look at basic cut color care. Why should you not place flowers in direct sunlight or near heating appliances? Neither direct sunlight nor immediate heat provide ideal conditions for cut […]

Flower Care: Cut Flower (Part 1)

  What are the best flower care tips? We all know the feeling when a beautiful bouquet or plant withers too quickly. We totally understand your pain! To help you enjoy your flowers and plants for longer, we’ve compiled this list of care tips that you can implement at home. You will find that with […]