The language of flowers

Did you know that flowers also have their own language? Almost any feeling can be expressed with a flower. Giving and receiving a beautiful bouquet is always a joyful experience. But have you ever wondered what is the story and meaning behind these flowers? Well, we are here to teach you all about the wonders […]

Celebration in color

And flowers have their own day. One of the most colorful and bright Christian holidays is coming, namely Palm Sunday. This ‘moving’ holiday, apart from being one of the most important religious holidays in Bulgaria, actually gives us an occasion to celebrate all the people bearing names of flowers. Mentioning flowers, every person immediately begins […]

Flower Care: Cut Flower (Part 1)

  What are the best flower care tips? We all know the feeling when a beautiful bouquet or plant withers too quickly. We totally understand your pain! To help you enjoy your flowers and plants for longer, we’ve compiled this list of care tips that you can implement at home. You will find that with […]