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Ecuador brings euphoria and exotic that everyone admires. We definitely wanted the warmth of this country to reach more people and so we “seeded” an idea. We cultivated a goal to bring the flower emotion to Bulgaria and to contribute to the quality of flowers. We are aware that they express feelings, create memories and that is why we want to be part of the positive emotion.

We grew up in 2012 and kept the aspiration for the small family business, where we can focus on something more important, particularly quality production.


Monday – Sunday – 09:00-21:00

"Lilia" stores

"При нас поръчвате не просто цветя, ние доставяме Вашите емоции ! "

гр. София,
бул. Янко Сакъзов 18,
тел.: 0899 950 458
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гр. София,
кв. Дружба 1, ул. Иван Арабаджията 3 (до р-т Милениум),
тел.: 0899 950 376.

Титулярният ни магазин, който обслужва и уебсайта ни е този на бул. Янко Сакъзов 18.

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Partners network

Our business is wholesale and retail flowers, imported from Ecuador.

Our partner network in Bulgaria consists of florists, suppliers and event organizers.




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