„Flower from the moon

If you wish for

Will I pick for you“

Еxtract from BTR song 

The so-called moon flower is not just a myth or legend, it does not exist only in BTR songs. We know it as a coneflower and quite often neglect it in our gardens, but it carries such a strong energy and symbolism.


Moonflower is a tender perennial vine that can add incredible beauty and powerful fragrance to the night garden. The name moon flower derives from its night blooming and round shape, like a full moon. It is because of this ability to grow at night that it becomes a symbol of growth in dark times.

Like other nocturnal flowers, it uses creatures of the night, such as moths and bats, to aid in pollination. It is such a wonderful symbol of the growth potential of our soul and personality when we face challenging and difficult times in our lives.

Very impressive, slightly cool color, stylish and elegant. This is the description of the Moon Rose (Blue Moon Rose)


Sometimes it takes a jeweler to fully assess the value of a gemstone. But this jewel of the hybrid tea flower is so large that you won’t need help to see the flawless beauty of its classic shape and pearly colors. The ‘Moonstone’ rose is captivating, romantic and playful, its numerous flowers seem to be sculpted from fine porcelain.

It is an ideal addition to wedding bouquets, so it looks full, delicate and elegant.

The Power of Moonflower

Mysticism, energy, longing and a slight cold breeze, this impresses many artists and they are inspired by the idea of the moon flower. The desire and aspiration to blossom into the night definitely arouses strong emotions. How better to express that than through music. Not a few songs bear the name “Moon flower” and definitely one album excites many fans of good music. Carlos Santana and his album “MoonFlower”


“I am happy, you promised

That the night would be ours again”

Еxtract from BTR song